Lord I pray that you bless my marriage from April 14th 2007

by John (Tewksbury MA)

Lord I pray that you bless my marriage from April 14th, 2007 and father please keep my wife and I together let us work together if even for just for our childrens happiness for now and to see that families fight together not apart take all the situations trying to break us apart away cancel out all the evil and eyes thought of any person or thing that is out to break my marriage apart in Jesus name you say you are a forgiving God and I know you are to give me and Joanne for anything we have ever done to displease you and step in and cancel this breakup push the devil away Lord in Jesus name I promise with all of my life Lord to devote myself to you and my family and I know these things happen daily but so far, Lord, I’m meeting Joe in to you blessing us with two beautiful children has beat All Odds I know you didn’t write the story for the sending that it’s the devil’s work load and I know Joanne is worth it I know Johnny and Tiana hour that helps the Holy Spirit find its way into Jo-Ann’s have to stand and fight Lord for our family Raquel is a very special person Lord and she has seen and survived a lot bring us all together and forgive me I pray for a chance to make a great life for all of us maybe right now Joanna can’t see my potential Lord but I know I can do this I know you know I have it please don’t let my family fail to show my three children pet me and Joanne can fight to be strong and overcome anything I offer you the rest of my life used me and do what you want with me just please save my marriage and my family

John D.

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