Lord I need your help, hear me o Lord

(Auckland NZ)

Heavenly father, help me i feel like i am drowning, I have not been to church since my husband went to America, I have lost my way since then, I am tired of having to ask for forgiveness and I am sure you are tired of hearing me say I will change, I need you to pull me out of this dark pit,

I want to praise you with all my heart and soul, exactly how I use to, I want to do the work that you called my husband to do, I am not worthy as i have sinned badly, but you still love me.

Lord help me with my children,

I feel like my family is going backwards not forward, please Lord hear me and fix me and my family.

I love you Lord with all my heart and all my soul please hear me and help me I know you will be there for me and my family and help us get back on track.


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