Lord, I need Your Grace and Blessings

by J.M.B. (Lancaster Pa.)

Dear Father:

At the end of my rope with worry. We need you Love for our Family for a Blessing of finding or blessed with extra money in the next few days. Food is low,,,will need kids Meds soon and Wifes Cancer Meds. Need to Pray Father that you will please hear our Prayers. We barely made it thru Christmas,,,and now,,,,were at the end our the rope.
I know Lord your will be done,reguardless of what I pray for. But Faher Lord,Jesus ,,,,,, ifs not for me,,,but my wife and kids. Its s breaks my heart to see this happen to us all,,,and as a Dad,,it hurt more then I can say. A lot are in the same position I know Lord,,am not asking for me,,but our family. I need a peace of mind Lord,,,,please help us all

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