Lord I need you to help me

by MP (California)

Please Lord I beg you to please hear my prayers, hear my cryes my Lord, please help me. God you more than anyone knows how much ive suffered and been through, you and only you know how much pain and suffering Ive experienced in my relationship and how I pray to recover from it.

Please Lord have Israel call me or text me, he gave me the hope i thought was gone of ever being loved again. I miss him, I miss being with him, i miss us talking and the good feeling he brought back into my life. Please God, have him call me, for us to work things out and be together as a loving couple. Please Lord I dont want to lose him, i want to be with him and be happy. Forgive me Lord for i am far from perfect and I am a sinner, please God forgive my daily sins, forgive my wrongs and allow me to make amends to those i have ever offended even if not intentional. Please my beautiful Lord help Israel contact me today, for him to miss me and want to work things out with me. Please Lord hear my peayer. I know God you will answer my prayers today, i know we will be together again and for that my heart feels love again. I know he will call me today with your intersection and you will answer my prayers and im so grateful to you my Lord and my spirit rejoices in your name. For this answered prayer and the many past ones i am thankful and will forever spread your word in Jesus name AMEN!

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  1. Faith

    MP good morning
    I am a male
    I will pray for you this morning
    Please go to church each Sunday
    The Lord hears you but what one usually
    Thinks they need is not what is best
    Jesus walks with you
    I know he can be proud of you and your faith
    It will work out for you

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