Lord I need you! Please show me you are with me!

by Sheena (California)

St. Joseph please assist me, talk to the Lord for me I need a place to call home. I am desperate but do not want the ways of the world, I lost it all Job, Home. Its seems like I’m losing more as time passes. I pray for my driving license back (crying) Lord thank you for my car, my cat and I have that for a safe haven. Thank you for my strength. Thank you for keeping us safe. Its going on two months. I need a home and a good job. All the angels and saints defend me in this battle. St. Joseph your Novena prayers have been like hugs to my soul, my prayers to you Jesus are my warm blankets at night, holy mother virgin your prayers are my food and showers. Thank you all for what you have already done for me. Today I ask for a home, Job, driving license, completion of school and peace and love in my heart and mind. Amen LORD HEAR MY CRIES AND PRAYERS.

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