Lord I need you in my life your love your strength

by Kristie Frazier (Amarillo Texas)

Lord Jesus I love you and I thank you for loving me so much you died for me on the cross. My God I thank you for my life everyone and everything in it. Jesus it gets hard most of the time but I cry out to you and ask you to come to my rescue hear my cry.Lord my house is tearing apart my GOD and I am making it raising my kids only by your day to day grace.

Lord I ask you to please show me away to be able to fix my house for me and my kids so that we can continue to have a stable and a safe place to live. Lord I so want to go back to school my GOD but Lord I ask you for your will and not my own.

I thank you for keeping my babies safe healing my father from cancer and my mother from any sickness I thank you. I thank you for allowing Jose in my life I ask if it is your will to bond us and let us be married in your name my GOD.

Please remove all addictions and jealousy and replace those things with an abundance of love for one another. I ask these things in your son Jesus name AMEN

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