Lord I need you in everyway,

by Teresa Moore (Jacksonvillel)

Lord my family is divided, my children are in trouble ,I am in a place I am saddened I try to be strong I struggle everyday. I need you. I tried to do it alone and I couldn’t, I feel as I’ve tired to earn my mother’s love my entire life, I love her regardless of what I’ve gone through even her treatment of my children to my grandchildren. I don’t ask for an apology I ask God to fix her heart, I wonder why I am going through so much hardship.i want and need your help Lord. I feel so alone. I have the desire to help people, I have initiated a plan to help people there are there things I want to accomplish before I go home to you God. A learning center that will inspire children from an early age to want to learn,parents who want to be a part of their children’s journey of learning lifetime skills to teach them to appreciate life,fellow man,respect for one another, reading should be like drinking water, enjoyed to the last drop because It is the foundation to everything else. I want to create a place of peace to help young men and women to rethink their actions before committing a crime, getting into relationship before knowing the facts, researching a relationship before becoming sexually involved. Stop the killing repeated acts of crime. People like me help with dental needs. I don’t have to be rich. For those who want to make changes not in my life but many lives.creatingscholars [email protected] need your prayers.

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