Lord I need to Change my Ways now

by John (Melbourne Victoria Australia)

My Lord Jesus Christ ,

Indeed , this year 2017 has been a tumultous , overwhelming challenge to my life . Where shall I begin ? My physical bodily health is diabolical , my mindset is in tatters and my spiritual life is full of faults and inconsistencies . So how do I arrest this deplorable situation fast ? I want to improve in all aspects of my life . I have let You down and my fellow man as well . So this my pledge , hope and desire for a good 2018 to eradicate my stupid trespasses against You forever .Healthwise , please heal my second stroke , which has daunted me since 2nd.May 2013 , my incontinence issues which strangely are linked to the stroke of the same duration . I pray for a happy , safe and healthy year in 2018 for my earthly family , friends , colleagus and acquaintances and myself especially . Lord forgive all my sins and hopelessness . Lord hear my prayer for deliverance from all that displeases You and I reject Satan and all his evil doings .