Lord I Need A Job

by Kanga (United Kingdom)

Lord i would like to thank you for all the grace you have shown in my life. In the past week you have granted me 5 interviews i am grateful for allowing me to be even considered for the roles. Lord i am weak at interviews and i need your strength.

I alone cannot do it. Let your Grace shine through me. Put your words in my mouth. Lord help me be confident that i am able to show my employers that i am the right candidate. Help me get the job which would suit with my family life. Lord i need you espicially for the interview on Friday. Let your mighty presence go before me and lord let this job be mine.

Lord i commit myself as well as the need of a job into your hands. Lord let me not doubt in your power i am still hopeful of the outcomes of last weeks interview. I need a positive Lord. I leave this in your hands Lord and believe in the great plan you have for me.
In Jesus name I pray Amen