Lord, I know you will send that immediate financial help

by Hide (Philippines)

Dear God, i am greatly in debts, my relationship with my family is already affected. i cannot seem to focus on almost everything. we could hardly meet our daily needs because of the pile of debt that we need to settle. Dear God, I do not ask for any other luxury in life for i clearly know what i should do to earn, I am just so heavily burdened with all these lots of payable that it seems i could not breathe. Lord , forgive me for getting myself into this situation. Forgive me for I relied only on my own strength and will, knowingly that you should be above all. Lord please give me a chance to live peacefully especially now that my kids are growing and it’s this time in their lives that they badly needed a mother to guide them. Lord please send us that financial blessing that would pay all my debts. O lord God, I truly believe you will hear my plea. Amen.