Lord I have never been through so much in my life

by Illze (Sa)

Lord I have never been through so much in my life. Everything is a mess and now my husband wants a divorce. Daddy I am yours. All my hope is in you. None of my plans work and I have no strength left for trying.

I surrender this to you. Our lives have become so complicated and stressed and we forgot how to live and laugh. Lord forgive me for not seeing the best in my husband, for becoming arrogant and critical and resentful. Help me to see him as you see him. Change his heart towards me and make his heart steadfast. Lord help us with trusting one another as we give this to you and trust you with our most precious posession – our family. Please heal what has been broken and restore what has been lost. We cannot do this without you. Turn this that was sent to destroy is into our greatest victory and testimony of your healing power and love. Lord please step in and bring sanity love and peace. You are my only hope.

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