Lord, I come to you right now asking that you continue to bless me

Lord, this a request for permanent employment. Lord, I need this for me; but, I also need it for peace.

Lord, I come to you right now asking that you continue to bless me and my family. Lord, I need permanent employment. Lord, you know me inside and out and know that I would be so proud to be working such that I can help me and my family.

Lord, I asked you to help me back in November of 2016, to get this job that I had applied for and Lord that prayer was answered. However, the job was just for the holidays. Lord, you need to know that I was very appreciative.

Lord, I am still asking or requesting that you will continue to guide me and my family. Continue to guide the health of us all; but, Lord please take care of my husband and guide his points of views as well as my son. Please continue to try and open up the eyes of my son to the point where he sees that everything I do, I do for him and hope that he will open up his eyes and see that when it comes to education, he has to be more understanding.

Lord, help my grandmother with the pressure in her eyes and help her in any other capacity needed.

Lord, help my mother, aunts, uncles , nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, just my family in general with anything in their lives that they need.

Right now lord, we need you to just guide this world and Lord I know that you can do all things.

Blessed be the Lord. Continue to bless and guide me everyday Lord.