Lord, I come to you on this day with a humble heart to ask for your favor to lead me

by Kalyn (Reading, PA, USA)

Dear Lord,

I come to you on this day with a humble heart to ask for your favor to lead me from these troubled times. I repent to you Jesus that I was sinful and materialistic for a very long time, only caring about how much money I made and equating that to my overall worth in life. I put my career before my children, my husband, my health, and before my God. Work was my higher power and for that I am truly retrospectively shameful. I would buy my children’s love to make up for the time I didn’t spend with them… teaching them that things were more important than people. I break soul ties with money and my ungodly ways of the past. I ask for your forgiveness and grace. I surrender to you my worries and fear regarding my current situation since becoming injured and being unable to work. The very idea that I may never be able to work again let alone that I’m having to fight for my very rights for workers compensation benefits is almost enough to break me, but Your love and strength keeps me going even when I don’t have the will for myself. I ask for Your blessing and favor for financial matters to ease my troubled mind and for a quick and favorable resolution to this WC claim. I just want to be able to resolve my debt and begin to serve my purpose in life that You see fit for me. I see the error of my ways and these past couple of months has given me a newfound relationship with You. I am so thankful everyday to have you in my life and the sacrifice You made for me and all of mankind. I pray for all of God’s people and peace on Earth. All of these things I pray for in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.