Lord I claim to have My VISA tomorrow.

by Beth (Manila)

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for everyday blessing you have been given to me, Now My Interview tomorrow I need your guidance and miracle to have to Visa in my hand Lord, This is my hope, You know what my heart desired, therefore lord I defend to you my hopes is in your hand thats why lord I claim this I need this Oh lord help me and answer my prayer.

I love you Jesus all saint please be with me tomorrow and touch the heart of person who going to interview me don’t make it so hard of all question and make them easy for all question. Thank you Jesus Lord God, All saints please help. Amen

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  1. I read

    your prayer and I want to share with you a miracle that happened to me.

    I sent a prayer in this site when my wife was in a bad condition in hospital due to a head injury cussed by a car accident.

    Someone on this site sent my recommendation about a site called http://www.holylandprayer.com. I submitted a prayer and a few days later my wife opened her eyes and recovery process had began.

    I am praying for you and recommend you to try the site.

    God bless you and your dear ones.


  2. Spiritually Wrong to ask for Money to offer prayer requests

    To Anonymous regarding this site:

    http://www.holylandprayer.com I feel it is SPIRITUALLY incorrect and SPIRITUALLY wrong to ask for payment for a prayer request. I can understand asking for a donation, but a payment? So wrong!

    Any website, in my humble opinion that requests payment for a prayer up to our Holy Father is seeking the wrong direction. Once again, I understand if the site needs a donation to keep the site going (hosting the site etc), but once again, it seems that the earthly riches for prayer seem to overtake the spiritual fulfillment of prayer. Just my humble opinion.

    This website does not do that and that is why I am sticking with this site.

    God Blessings to all!

  3. Answered prayers

    The Lord is very good to us…just have faith and your prayers will be answered.

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