lord i came before you to ask and beg you to please return joseph back to me

by Susan ()

lord i came before you to ask and beg you to please return joseph back to me and back to our family. lord you know its been 18 months he’s been gone and we started to work on my marriage threw seperation but lord as you know joseph’s mother and ex-wife are putting a wedge between us. please lord don’t let this divorce go threw and block any and all that continue to keep away from me and all those that tell him not reconcile with me. lord please i am his wife and loyal and faithful and loving wife not his ex wife. god please say it isn’t so that my husband is thinking about returning to her or has already,she is not his wife but rather the enemy! let joseph start the healing in his heart towards me and our marriage. place a hedge of protection over our marriage and keep my husband’s eyes blinded to any and all temptation that satan is trying to cause joe to be unfaithful to me during our seperation i bind and rebuke satan from this marriage! lord help joe to remember the good in our marriage and the friendship we had and remind him of all the love we once had and laughter and restore and renew our love for each other. lord jesus hear my cries and prayers and i lift joe up to you know for miracle you can make happen right now i’m asking you move quickly please lord and open up the lines of communication between joe and i today lord to save our marriage,lord you have the power to make this possible,all things are possible threw you lord. forgive me of any sins that i’ve committed and any sins joseph have committed and bring back my spouse’s heart to me. i ask all these things in your holy mighty name and praise you and honor you and thank you for hearing my prayers


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