Lord, I beg Your forgiveness and Your mercy

Dear God,

I pray for Your mercy for I have committed a most awful sin. My marriage ended in a divorce. I fell out of love with my husband, and I turned to another man. My ex-husband is unaware of this sin. My relationship with this other man as recently ended, yet I still find myself praying to You to bring him back into my life.

Lord, I beg Your forgiveness and Your mercy. I ask that You help to heal my heart, my relationships, and my life with You.

In Your most Heavenly name, I pray.


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  1. Employment

    I thank you for everything you do, your overwhelming love guides me daily. Lord my job is in jeopardy I’m very unclear on why. As I go to this interview I know you will be with me. My faith gas become stronger Lord as you guide me daily. Father I beg forgiveness for my sins, lying, stealing, cheating,drama. I thank you for loving me when I didn’t love myself. My manager and my boss has been hard to cope with. My manager behavior towards her staff is scary. However for the first in my life over reacting, or giving up. My faith is so strong that I do feel some anxiety but not like I use to. Ive finally received your word that I need to help others as I do spread your message. Introduce people to you. I was selfish and inconsiderate, I thank you for changing that in my heart. Thank you Lord thank you for your mercy. Thank you for food, a home, income. I see clearly change is coming. I accept this change as I know you’ll guide me thru this storm. I’m praying over my interview as well as praying for my manager and boss that they have peace and that tomorrow they show that peace to thier staff. Thank you Lord your love is amazing. Thank you for the spare money you sent me to get me thru my week and for interview. In Jesus name Amen

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