Lord I beg you to lift me out of this financial torment

by Ursula (Illinois)

Dear Lord, please send something to change this. We have been struggling for so many years and now my daughter needs medical help and I don’t have the money for the doctor; my other daughter needs to apply for financial aid for college but I don’t have the money to get my taxes done for our business. You know I work so hard and have fought to keep them faithful and well. Please God I beg you today to send a miracle to once and for all give us a chance to turn our life around. You know what we need. The money for our bills and debt payments and the money for a new vehicle for our business. With these things I can change everything to give my family a stable life again, help my mom more and make sure my daughter gets well. Please dear Lord, help us TODAY! Thank you for all you give us. Your blessings are always around us and we are so grateful. But we need aid before things become worse.