Lord, I am seeking around and everywhere for you

by Julie (Kenya)

Lord, I am seeking around and everywhere for you, the bible says ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be opened. I come here not because I want everyone to read my request but its by step of faith that I am seeking you right here and now.

I Have fallen in so much debts and I have not peace in my soul. Lord I need you to do a miracle now because I know that the way I believe in you that you can do it right now. I am receiving calls from right left and centre , people wanting to be paid, bills needing to be paid, loans needing to be paid. I dont want to wait any longer, I need you to help me today I am fully in need of you Jehovah, please come to my rescue,
I know that you have all the desires of my heart and I know that you can help me to realize and to make them come true, I will always believe in you no matter how hard the situation is Lord. Right now a cheque in the bank is bouncing, and I need you to do something , ooh lord help me. I beg you and I trust you , in Jesus name I believe Amen.

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