Lord, I am desperate for a new challenge, a new job

by Zitanne (Brussels)

Dear Lord, I am desperate for a new challenge, a new job. Lord I am tired of being used mistreated by people at my current job. Lord I thank you for the abilities that you have given me.

Please have mercy on me. Where I have sinned forgive me. If I have done anything which is making you angry with me Lord I ask for your forgiveness.

Thank you Jesus for loving me, thank you that you have died and rose again because you love us. Remove the mountains that are stronghold in my promise Land. You know everything that I am going through Lord because I have placed all in your divine hands. You are the most high, the Alpha and the Omega, the Lion and the Lamb, you do the impossible. You are an able God. Lord I seek your favour and blessings over my life. I pray that you will open a new door for me very soon. One with better financial income and working conditions for myself and family. Lord I am not questioning you will for my life but I need you to shed your light on me and my family regarding a new job opportunity.

Lord I pray for all those who are facing similar obstacles like me and ask for your divine favour over their lives and that of their family. Nothing is impossible in you Lord. You are a sufficient God! In Jesus Name I pray! Amen!