Lord I am asking for help and guidance to continue fighting for my children


Lord I am asking for help and guidance to continue fighting for my children that were taking away,based on a lie from my mother who has abused me my whole life because she wants my daughter that’s was taking at 4 months ,she offered my husband and I 10,000 for our daughter our gift from GOD….and i have continue to do all asked of me to prove the mother that i am …I have 4 children and a have raised on my own with no family support and as a single mother until my current husband…..These people are keeping my children based on lies and i pray everyday because my children are in a harmful situation…and nobody is listening because this is my mother and i AM terrified for their safety and them being taking away forever and me losing myself,because I am MOM. To not only my children but alot of children that do not have parents cause,i didn’t…I know GOD you will shall be done and in your time not ours but i pray to see some closure to this soon and that my children will make it home safely and the truth will prevail.This is so hard because this is my mother speaking so evil of me to keep my children…Lord i need you now more then ever to protect my children and give me strength and courage to keep going when i feel as if iv already lost do to the horrible accusations she is making daily about me with no proof.I trust in you Lord there is a reason for all of this ,but its been 8 months now and my children are being hurt more n more everyday.LORD guide me to do whatever i need to to get my children home as soon as possible and that the truth is prevailed and my mother will not harm them anymore…please god help me and guide me to do whatever i need to to have them home and know they are OK…Thank you for your blessings and forgive me for SINS …give me the strength to deal with your will…I pray your will is for my children to come home as soon as possible and not have anymore hurt…..help me keep my faith that it will be OK as long as i keep doing the right thing and letting you guide me..please bring my children home and if there is something that i am doing where you feel as if they shouldn’t come home show me and guide me,cause we are all suffering …AMEN.PLEASE LORD HELP MY FAMILY ….