Lord help those who are mentally ill

Dear Lord, please give me the strength to bear the burden of having a cruel, abusive and delusioal person in my life. I pray for this persons enlightenment everyday. I pray for this persons soul. I can not hate this person, not because I don’t want to sometimes but because I simply can not. I still love this person so much and my heart is breaking as I speak these words. I realize that, I myself, have no power to change this situation so please give me the strength to release and entrust this problem to you. Let me trust that you will take care of it how ever you see fit and deliver me from this anxiety and sorrow.

This person has slandered me, and others I love, with terrible false accusations. Lord God, you know the truth. Please help me overcome the human failing of pride that tempts me to look for vindication. Always guide me on the path to do your will and never faulter. Please help me to forgive this person for they clearly have horrible pain inside them that leads them to do the injustices they do. Amen

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