Lord Help My Sad Heart

by Dewykishia Edwards (Orange, Tx)

I love this man, more than he ever know. I was indeed wrong for my sinful actions towards him, to hurt him, to betray him, not being truthfully with him, in order to protect my feelings of looking like the fool.

I ask for peace and harmony, to forgive me of my hurtful ways. I know that you Lord, can see the sincere in my heart of true live that I have for him. Lord please allow the past to pass us, let him see the love that Is filled in my heart for him. Let him come back to me and and take me as I am. I promise to be by his side through the good, bad and ugly.

Lord I strongly believe in your abilities of everything is possible. You are King and I honor You, the father and the Holy Spirit. Lord please be with me and give me the strength to wait as my heart longs for him. In Jesus Name, Aman.

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