Lord Help me to pass my US visa Interview.

by Beth ()

Dear Lord,

Lord I know you have done so much miracle in this worlds, therefore I here for again and again to ask a miracle for you, Lord tomorrow my Interview in US embassy, I’m in need of your assistant oh lord please help me to passed lord touch the person who is handling my papers and make this smooth without any hard question, And also lord I need your miracle I want My fiance back to me with full of attention and he has to focus for our relationship, I hope he can find a house to stay when i get back to US lord, Lord please touch the heart of ate wilma and family, Arlene and family, to accept me on behalf of my Loving Fiance lord, dont let them to make harder for us so that we can start our life to have a family of our own likes theirs, Lord please help me for my financial needs I needed so much of money please help me to provide and help me to carry this kinds of consequence in life I need your Miracle lord and Help By your power and Miracle I love you Lord. Jesus I love you my Hope is in you lord. Amen. Amen. Amen…

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