Lord help me to find your way

by Div (India)

Dear Lord,

It is your will that should happen in my life and with it only I can find my happiness. I am facing failures in my endeavors and feel like I’m lost and can’t do anything in my life that paves a way for my success.

Lord please reveal me your will in my life so that I go in your way for you said “I am the way, the truth, the life”.

Lord help me to find your way and lead me in that way that draws me closer to you. Give me strength to not to go away from your way or take up other paths that are against your will.

Give me strength to stand up in my trails and temptations and may my success bring glory to your name.

Thank you Jesus. We praise you Jesus for you are God who listens to our prayers.

Love you Jesus.

Dear Reader,
Please remind me in your prayers.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    lost in a career

    I ask prayer in the career path I’m moving in. it is not that the business is against God’s teachings or that my family isn’t financially secure.. I seek the ability to step back, breathe, focus, pray & worship the Lord. I am completely consumed in this career and the demands from my superiors grow strong daily. I long to build a family, to have time with my spouse and have children. I thank God for the blessing of a career when I know so many struggle toward this goal and I do not want to turn from a place He has placed me & is using me. To continue in this path I fear will draw me continually away from the Christ and family focused life I’ve prayed for. I pray that God will allow me to see the direction he is leading me and to have patience & understanding.

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