Lord Help me pass my road test held on Tuesday 16/09/2014, at 8.20 am……….

by Melita (Dubai, UAE)

Lord, thank you very much for reducing my constant anxiety attacks and depression and also helping me overcome my driving phobia. On Tuesday 16/09/2014, at 8.20 am, I am having my road test, I am praying that I pass the test and get my permanent license on that day, Lord, you know that since nearly 5 months I am learning driving and I have faced lots of obstacles to learn driving because of my health and severe driving phobia, a huge amount and time has been spent on this, many who joined after me have cleared the test and got their license, we no longer can spend money for retest and additional classes in case I fail, please help me.Fill in me the confidence and help me not to panic and not make any mistakes.Help me Lord.

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