Lord help him to realize that I need to return home

by Newlywed In Distress (Wisconsin)

Dear Lord

My husband and I have been married for a very short period of time and I made some mistakes like moving out of the house a few months ago because our issues were getting out of control. I thought that was the right thing selfishly but it was not and I need forgiveness for forsaking my marriage.

At first, he was devastated but now a young lady is in his life that is his “friend” as they both so eloquently put it. However, I know that they are engaging in intimacy. He is ignoring me and spending time with her and I am torn up about the whole entire situation. I want to move back home but he speaks of divorce.

I pray that is not the outcome, I love him with all my heart for he is my first love. Lord forgive him for his sins and forgive me for mine and please reunited our marriage. Lord we need your healing. Allow my husband’s heart to mend in a manner where he is sensitive and serious about being with his wife. I want to be his priority again and lead his focus to our marriage. I pray that I am able to return home soon. I sincerely ask for your grace Lord to see that this marriage is put back on track.

I miss him and love him and need him so much right now. Lord help him to realize that I need to return home so that we can continue our marriage. In your name God, I pray for reconciliation and restoration of our marriage. I do realize that it is your will and not when I think it should be done. Still praying. Love you God.

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