Lord help he help my family and others who’s been there for me!

by Dimitri (Brooklyn)

Dear lord I come to you and ask for your forgiveness, for i have sin in my life time. But as i wake up everyday dear lord, I constantly worry about who’s gonna help my family out of our financial difficulties.

I’m constantly trying to find a job, and there just not coming threw for me, I don’t know what it is but this struggle is getting harder and harder each day. Dear lord i’m asking for your help and guidance through this. I constantly test my luck with the lottery hoping that one day i’ll win but im always let down. But Dear lord im coming to you from the bottom of my heart, Please Bless these numbers to be picked in the megamillions of NY tonight ( 1,6,18,25,27,39). I pray dear lord that you’ll hear my cry for help and bless me with prosperity and abundance so i can succeed in life and help those who needs to be helped by any means. In Jesus name Amen !

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