Lord hear my prayer

by Samuel (Tandridge UK)

Lord, I trust you know what is right for me, I am learning more and more about you each day, I need your help to be able to get on in life today, I know it is a test for the next, please forgive me for my wrongdoing and help me to live the way you want me to live.

I know we cant take our jobs with us when we move to the next stage in our life if you allow us into heaven. I ask you lord to help me get on in this life, please grant me the opportunity to use the skills you have given me to gain employment and be able to earn money to pay my way in life, but to also use my brain daily doing some good and being able to get out each day doing something worth while, so I can come home and say thank you lord for a good days work, I am then able at the end of the month to pay my bills.

I know life is not just about job and money but you need these in this life to survive, by helping me into work so many people will be happy.

Please get rid of Satan from my life who tries to stop me from getting a job and Lord I am feeling down lately and need your love more and more because I am not getting on in this life, after loosing my job and being wrongly accused and acquitted from it all, today I feel broken and often alone and I need you and ask for your help.

Lord hear this prayer

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