LORD heal my Finances.

by Elder Oliver (Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria)

My Prayer Request.

Please pray for me and my immediate family, for the LORD to turn my finances around for good.

Household witchcraft power has been responsible for the decline in my finances. Pray for me that the GOD of Elijah would send fire to consume this evil powers of my father’s and mother’s house.

In 2012, I want GOD to bless me with money to finish the building, and open a good business for my dear wife, in the name of JESUS.

Pray for me for the good LORD to connect me with a helper. And business ideas.

LORD please heal my finances. All that had been stolen from me spiritually, be returned a million fold. Let the LORD expose and disgrace any man, woman or powers using my glory to shine and prosper, in the name of JESUS.

From: Elder.Oliver O. A