Lord heal my child with Tourette ADHD bronchitis

by Laquisa (United States)

Lord Jesus I come to as faithful as can be please intake this hex of sickness off my child.

Lord Jesus I know if you can keep my mind and my sanity to make it back home from prison.

Before the evil spirits hard him more you will surly grant my child back all and every peace of mind every normal tendency back to him and I forgive those whom harmed h for their own finances lord I pray u take all the power of not attending church with us from my daughter be in fire for your teachings and give them the desire to wanna know u Christ Jesus and my oldest son.

Lord restore Mu home to be peaceful and each and everyone.

In my home to serve you and I beg of you to give me the strength to guide my kiiiidz directly nny your way and ur doings in Jesus me Amen

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