Lord heal me from the inside out

by April (Sc)

Lord I come to u in my time of dispare uncertainty overwhelming anxiety attack and pain in my heart I ask that uremove ALL things that are toxic in my heart mind and soul I call on your name lord I plead the blood of your sonjesus Christ who died for our sins so we can live ! Free me lord from these chains and break every curse lord O God I am free I am free by your grace n mercy on me thank you lord thank u Jesus for any n everything u have blessed upon me I am forever grateful praise God !!!!!!!! Manifest within my life my children’s lives give them understanding All the days of there lives wisdom peace happiness success for u blessed me with your children whom I will always love ..protect Us All from the wicked and evil ways of life thank u lord thank u I love you with All my life for u are y I’m Me!!!!!!!!

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