Lord, have mercy on us

by Joy (Philippines)

Lord, thank You for all the things you have done to me and my children despite the weaknesses and the sins we committed. Lord, we are sorry for our sins, please forgive us. It is in Your love that we survived all the trials we have in life. You never left us unaided.

Lord, please heal my son from his addictions. Keep him away from bad people and influences.
Lord, as we face another financial problems, please come and guide us. Please shine the light of the resources to meet our debts and satisfy my pressing obligations.

Please help me increase my income by giving me new good tenants to rent our vacant spaces in our dormitory. Please show me a way to find work. Lord, i am in debt now. i need to pay the people I owed this February. I beg for your mercy.

Lord, please give me a sign if john is the right person to love again. Help me not to be hurt . If he is not, let me know my Lord. I surrender every details of life to You.

Lord, please be with my family always. Sacred Heart of Jesus , we put all our trust in You. Amen.