Lord Have Mercy on me!

by Tammy ()

Heavenly Father God I Pray that Your will be done. I thank you for directing my steps today in every part of my daily routine.
I Thank you for My walk with the Lord
I Thank you for My Finances
I Thank you for My life, My Health and strength
I thank you for My ability to take care of Family
I Thank you for My My Relationships.
I Thank you for the relationship I had with Marcus Hill
I Thank you for Lameco (Ree ) and Micah house.
I thank you for helping to pay My car payment .
I thank you for being a God that sit so High and looking down below.
Lord I thank you for helping me to make a decision to sue or not.
Lord this world need peace please stop this president from snatching immigrants out of there homes away from children. Lord please give my daughter Lameco peace of mind. Lord help me to find her a home. Lord please fix me Lord. Heavenly Father my blood pressure has been really off. Light headaches has been a problem. Hank you Father for you said by your stripes I am healed. Strengthen me with your presence. Lord thank you for bringing me out under all my mess. Thank you for finances I could not see coming. Heavenly Father Thank you for closing this transaction for fuel. Thank you for your Mercy and Grace. Lord please take away these thoughts of Marcus Hill he wasn’t never for me or good to me.Father God hear my cry and answer all my prayers Heavenly Father. I look up to the heavens from which my strength comes from. Lord thank you for teaching me how to feed my faith and starve my fears. Father a God please help me with my children to be a blessing in there life that they can raised there children with you in there heart. Have mercy on me and close all contracts I have presented to you Heavenly Father. Lord Jesus I come to you humble as I’m allowed this morning, Lord Jesus help me to raise this 1500 Dollars to your glory. Thank you Heavenly Father for answering my prayers by your will and not mines.
In Jesus name I pray Amen

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