Lord guide me to the right place of employment

by Latoya (Berkeley, MO)

Lord i need your wisdom & guidance in seeking the right place of employment that you have for me.Please give me strength to do your will in everything that i do. I need your help to stand strong when i am discouraged and to seek your will for my life. I pray for all of those that are searching for employment, that they will look to you for all of their needs. Lord please touch the hearts and minds of the hopeless, let them know that you are God. Give those people strength that have been seeking employment for a long period of time. Lord you are the only one who can supply all of our needs. I praise your name in the good and the bad. We need you Lord, we love you and we forever will praise your name. Thank you for all you have done and all that you will do in our lives. Lord, I thank you for always listening and loving me.

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