Lord God Please Prayer

by Trusting In God Because I Know He Can (Washington DC)

Lord Father God first of I want to thank you Lord for the things that you have done for myself and my family lord. You have always helped us in times of need and you’ve always answered my prayers. Once more I thank you a million times for it; now and always. Never will I doubt your existence and power because i experience it on a constant basis Lord God. Father I’m asking that you continue helping us and answer this next prayer for us like the ones before it, Lord allow us to win in this coming mega millions jackpot, Lord God I ask you this for many reasons that you already know, I want to retire my parents Lord they’ve worked hard their entire lives and I want then to live comfortably together, the rest of their lives on this earth with out worries, concerns, and stress about money. Lord I want my daughters to have a house Lord where that have space and they can run and jump and play as they please, a home where they can grow up and build the memories that will stay with them the duration of their lives. Lord God, im tired of struggling with these bills and I myself want certainty that my finances won’t lead us to being in the streets, separated from one another or who knows. Lord Father God please I ask you to please answer this prayer in Jesus Christ name i ask this of you, Amen

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