Lord God Please Help me Please!

by Sandy ()

Holy & Most Gracious One
I love You & I know that You love me.
You have forgiven me over & over & over again & I can never thank You enough. I need forgiveness again for lying & that’s a sin that I’m ashamed of asking You for forgiveness for again being that I thought I was in a place where I felt I wouldn’t do that anymore intentionally. I’m so sorry Lord. I truly feel bad about it & it could cost me my freedom if it’s not rectified. I’m afraid of being arrested & locked up. I had the opportunity to confess that sin the day after the transgression and didn’t.
Father God forgive me. I want to confess the wrong & hopefully it can get right without me going to jail and/or prison.
I want you to work it out according to Your Perfect Will in this life You have granted me. Grant me more grace Lord & have mercy on me for going against my better judgment & let the people at that agency & everybody affiliated with it & my case, let them grant me grace & mercy as well.
In Jesus’ Most Holy and Righteous Name I pray. Amen.

And Lord I need a miracle where Aja is concerned & I want you to work a perfect miracle for her.
Lord I want to be a living witness of Your Love and Forgiveness, so bless me to become humble, pure, loving, honest & unselfish on a daily basis. Bless me to be a person of integrity, holy and sanctified, pleasing in Your site & a Lady of God after Your Own Heart. Bless me Dear Lord to have the desires within my heart-of-hearts realized. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.
I need & want You to bless me with protection from all hurt, harm, & danger and I ask the same for my children and grandchildren as well Lord Jesus. Bless us individually & collectively as well with Your protection and keep us Covered in Your Blood Father. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
And bless & keep those who will pray these prayers with me in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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