Lord God, Please have mercy and hear my plead to save my relationship

by Kaydee (Manila)

Lord God, I am lost now. I am hurt and truly needing help from you. I have been in a relationship for 10 years but just a few weeks ago He ended our relationship. Please Lord; if you will, please open his eyes and make him come back to me. You know whats in my heart, Lord God. I have loved him deeply and I know that he still loves me too. I pray that he would realize that he still have that love for me.

Lord God, I know that your miracles work everyday. Please shower me with your miracle and give me the strength to go on while waiting for your miracle.
I pray for everyone who is suffering like me. Grant us the serenity, courage to go thru this situation and patience to wait for your miracle.

Amen, Lord God.