Lord God, as your steward I humbly kneel down and asking for your help

by Ivan (NHA Bangkal Subdivision Matina Davao City)

Lord God, as your steward i humbly kneel down and asking for your help, Lord i know you always listen to me and you decide when will be the right time for you to do my wish, but this my Lord, can I ask you to please let me win the lottery jackpot round so that i can pay my debt, because my debt is always after me and it is so hard for me to face my friend and smiling at them even i still have debt to them,,,

Lord wala najud koy laing maduolan ikaw nalang jud, i don’t to disturb my family because they are in a crisis condition right now, i don’t want add my debt to my parent because they are still looking money to pay for the tuition of my elder brother and mine, Lord please help me to shoulder my own problem, and with your help i know i can do this all the way, Lord please strengthen my faith so there’s no need for me to be afraid of, i know my Lord that i have sinned, and now i repent my sins and i humbly ask for your forgiveness….
Lord this what i am asking is not just for me but for my family and to others, help me to help others also my Lord.
This all i ask to the son of Heavenly Father, the creator of universe, to our king of all kings in Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

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