Lord God Almighty who created everything

by Siphelele (South Africa)

Lord God Almighty who created everything because you are God Alfa and Omega first and the finisher of our faith. I pray for Khehla Nkosiyazi Zulu that he finds a job wherever he is looking at as tomorrow he is going to a test for getting his license please Lord help him to pass it and the person who promised him a job as a Traffic Officer let it be real and not lie to him let him by the name of your son Jesus Christ to be true we need you Lord in our life more than ever to raise our child as Christian parents let your will be done as it is done in heaven and earth your promised that whatever we bide on earth it will bide on heaven whatever let loosed on earth same as an Heaven he really need this job Lord he really need it I beg you with my whole heart. please open doors for his company registration on CSD Supplier’s Database and the SARS problem it trials I know you are there. I will be dismayed because I know in everything Lord you are there please God help us please. you said in your Word Lord that you will never leave us or forsake us yes we feel forsaken now but we know you are still here with us please help us Lord we need you more than ever.