Lord God Almighty please save me from where I am

by Hollie (Florence, AL. US)

Oh sweet Lord, please help me… hear my cries… heal my heart. You see where I am guide me out of this, save me, rescue me. I want so badly to provide a wonderful life for my children, to be out of debt, to have a wonderfully blessed life to the point of over flow. I have made so many poor decisions trying to make the right ones. Speak clearly that I may hear and understand your guiding words. I am nothing without you Lord. I feel as if in a blink of an eye by peace is slipping away.

Help me Lord, please. My debts are piled high even after I have given the command for them to leave. I no longer have a home of my own for my family, about to lose my car and am experiencing sooo much sadness right now. My faith is in you and I know you are the ONLY one who can save me. Please turn this around for the good. Bless my family, our health, my writing, our finances our relationships, our lives. Please give me strength and guidance that I do not become weak, confused or fail the tests you give me. I want to be pleasing in your eyes O’Lord. Rescue me.

PLEASE I am yours. Catch these tears and protect me. ALL PRAISE AND GLORY BE TO YOU O’LORD FOREVER AND EVER!!!