Lord, Give Peace to my spirit

by Rochelle (BKK)

For years and uncounted times when I am in that dark alleyway of my life, You were there.

I had no one but I knew I had You.

Once again, Father, I call on you to give
strength, patience and peace to my troubled
Spirit, my restless Soul.

I have been extremely blessed, wretched a soul
as I am, by you and your never ending
Grace and Love.

But in my humanity and flawed sense of self
I have become anxious, I have constructed phobias
and my fears are about to drown me.

I cannot see the way to find peace, the way
to quell the anxiousness of my soul,
even if I know my fears are illogical.

I do not want to lose this chance of making the
most of my life, of making the most of the gifts you have bestowed upon my mind, my spirit, my body.

Please Father, give me strength. Help me to appreciate
the beauty of life, the greatness of chance,
the infinite wisdom of your Grace.

Thank you for my life, for my love, for my mind.
Help me quell my fears that I may make the most of this most precious gift in your glory, for All, Amen.

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