Lord give me confidence, self-control in my eating, direction to help the homeless, and to not allow doubt to hinder my faith and block my blessings.

by Celessa (Toledo, OH United States)

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that you give me confidence in all areas of my life so that I can achieve my goals and share where you have brought me from. Help me to have self-control in my eating and choice f foods to eat so I am not using food as my comfort or punishment or to cover my disappointments in my day and life. So that I may be able to help others and my life will lead them to you but I need to be able to hear you with my inner ear so I know if Im going in the right direction, so, do not let my pieces of doubt block that communication. I trusted you at my lowest, so please Lord do not let it cloud my connection with you now that I am truly seeking Your will for me. I ask that as I take the path to make these changes in my weight and Health The it will control my Sjordern Disease, Lupus, Fibromalgia, and RA. Thank you Father for this victory. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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