Lord Forgive my sins and mistakes and Help Me

by Chris (Wales)

Dear Lord, Help me now in my darkest hour, I beg of you. Forgive my faults and help me to overcome them. My mum is with you and I ask her forgiveness for failing her too. I love her and miss her so much every day. Help Blaine to find a new home. I love him but I have failed him too. I cannot seem to get anything right, no matter how hard I try, everything just keeps going wrong. I know I don’t deserve forgiveness and help, but I ask it anyway, humbly and in despair. I am so sad and sorry, and my life now is a Hell on earth. I beg you for your mercy and your aid. I am so homesick and I cry to see my old home every day. I know you can save me if you want to and I pray for your mercy and aid, so that my life may become more what it was. I didn’t appreciate what I had and I suffer every minute now for that mistake. Help me to regain as much of my life as is possible, before it’s too late. Forgive my blind stupidity Lord and Help Me now I humbly beg you. I have been brought so low and I am so heartbroken.

Bless your undeserving servant, Amen.