Lord, forgive me. I have misused money, havent tithed

by Raina (Columbus, Ohio)

Lord, forgive me. I have misused money, havent tithed, in a while, I’m boubtful sometimes. I’m sorry Lord. I need you Now. Please hear my heart. I need to provide for my family at this hour. For weeks we have been here checks are not enough. Run low on food , gas, nessacities. There is a problem in our midst. Only you can fix it. Addiction. Our family suffers. Bind in the Name of Jesus! We have debt only you know where to start. Kids need close a house of their on for stabillity. We been there before no home homeless. The small thing I have to say no to. They deserve better. They expect better. Require better. I pray to give back what I’ve barrowed and more. Take care of my mom. Increase, no lack , sustained, maintained money. Sowed money, blessed money. Now Father debt free. Jehovah Shilom, Jehovah Jirah, Elshiadi. I believe in Isaiah 43: 18-19 please.today. amen. In Jesus’ name amen

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