Lord Forgive me and Protect me from the vengeful.

by Dennis (Las Pinas Philippines)

In the name of Christ I pray to you Lord God our Protector.
Please forgive me for my outbrsts of anger, towards others.
I pray that you instil the act of forgiveness in those who I have been angered towards.
I pray that you let them be released of the burden of revenge towards me.
I pray that through my humble request for forgiveness, that those who I have angered are directed by your compassion not to proceed with vengence.
For my Childrens sake and the sake of my loved ones, I know through your mercy you will grant me the protection from vengence in my hour of need as I face this trial.
I give thanks to Lord for all you have done for me in the past and for what you are about to do for me now.
My Lord God the Protector and Merciful Father this I ask of you today.

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