Lord Christ, the father, the son,the Holy Spirit

by Christopher (Napa, CA USA)

Lord Christ, the father I was involved in an work related car accident. from last Tueday on my way home from work, other people are making negative comments on how I’m working, laboring, serving you my lord with your father on Sundays. my sister is at your hands having complications from her Breast Cancer Surgery, might another surgery, really needs your healing. as your son my lord in the father I been trying to heal my girlfriend Theresa from being sick from work at the same time how can I be supportive, lovingat the same time especially when I’m down, emotional. how can I get back on track, help, heal like you did my lord on earh, now at the right hand of the father judging the living, the dead, your kingdom wil never end. I been following your commdents, your lessons every day father, reading your bible daily. you gave me to my parents Bruce and Merilee Bennett to be your son lord in the father with the father you taught me love, to heal to be your chosen one on earth s it is in heaven. how can I get my strength back to heal people on earth. I need you father. please look after me every day, on Sunday’s especially fathe when I serve you in the word ship service I been named for St Christopher, St Thomas, to bear your cross with you father. as Christ Bearer, Cruifer I have a purpose in the church, keeping my commitment to you father and with the father. some times I cry, I think of you in church Im thankful you are the raisen lord, my raisen father in the father at the right hand of the father. please watch over me, heal me father I love you, I also love my girlfriend Theresa your future daughter in law in the father , with the father please bless us as a couple. thank you my lord, my father

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