Lord change my wife’s decision to file for divorce

by Mark (Atlanta)

God. Please change my wife’s decision to file for divorce. Please restore our relationship and keep our family together. I recognize the role I have played in getting to this point. I know I have promised you and my wife I would change some of those things. Although I’ve tried, I have fallen short. I don’t believe I’ve given my best effort. For this I am very sorry. I am truly willing to give my best effort this time around. I know God you are unchanging, but that doesn’t mean you don’t change your mind. I’m asking for you and her to change your minds 1 last time and grant me the opportunity to keep our family whole and our marriage unified. I know you have given us free will. I know I have no control over her decision. Only you do God. Please guide my steps and keep me strong. Please help me to keep my focus on you God no matter what path this takes. God you know my desires before I even profess them. You know what’s in my heart. Please kick the devil out of this relationship. Please open up my wife’s heart. Please allow her to become vulnerable again. I promise not to let her down or most important not let you down God with this precious gift. Please hear and grant my request. I want our marriage to be what marriage is meant to be, an example of your love so that our kids and others may know the power of your love.

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