Lord change his heart and make him love all my kids equally

by Rosey (Gauteng)

I have two kids from my previous relationship and god has blessed me with another but from my husband which I am married with, its his first son and ever since our baby has been born his relationship with my other two kids has changed, his always shouting at them and don’t want to spend time with them always says that they not his blood, then we fight and end up saying a lot of harsh words to each other, he always says he doesn’t like my son and because his naughty but I think because my baby is a boy and its my husbands first son, that’s why he doesn’t like my son. I love my husband and don’t want to loose him but in the same way it hurts the way he treats my kids especially my son, lord help my marriage and guide me oh lord what should I do, I love my kids and I am all they have they father doesn’t not support them or make time for them, please help me lord

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