lord bless us to be together

by Mine (Philippines)

Dear God,

Please help us to back together my boyfriend.I still love him.My life is incomplete with out him with me.We broke up cause I’m not with him that time I went to aboard for work thier.Because of the different time 14-15 houtlrs behind sometimes we don’t have time is each other to communicate.once is time to contact with I have to wait during midnight or i might woke up him.Now I’m back to our home town.please help to us to be together again.My life right now is full of depression,stress and sadness.And I feel so empty my life.everything i have before are lost with me.All i want there support to love me.i need ther love and understanding.I’m god for the mistake i did it you.I’m asking you please forgive for all my sins i did.please help my to solve any problem right have been experience and bad things in my life.Please god help us to be together and also please help me to my mother,aunties,cousin to forgive for what decesion i made to go back home.Help me in their hearts to understand me and forgive me.I pray this for you asking for your forgiveness and your help for what i had been experience right now.I believe you that you help me this things happen to my life.but i need one of them.god help me.And jesus name i prayed for your guidance and help. amen.