Lord, Be with me in this battle

by MS (Utah)

I am offering you this prayer dear Lord, I thank You for always being there for me and my children, for always keeping us safe, and for always providing us with such great blessings. I have suppressed a lot of bad memories in our long years of being together, trying to accept him for what he is. I have learned through Your Grace, to accept everything that has happened in our relationship, as something that would keep us together and to be better. Lend me Your strength and Your wisdom dear Lord. For me, to handle this battle gracefully. I know, that only You know what is best for me and for my children. May this challenge, make me a better mother to them, and hopefully a better wife to my husband. I am lifting everything to You dear Lord.. Your will be done. I look to You, dear Lord. I need You. Shine on me. Amen.

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